I am going to sleep late tomorrow!

First off we passed! My dog Jericho and I have successfully completed beginner 1 agility training. Our class is a true underdog story. After our first two lessons I’m sure our teacher was ready to rip her hair out. We named ourselves the remedial dog class. Our dogs peed on the course, and refused to try new obstacles. They ran off to sniff the corners of the training ring. Then came a two week scheduled practice time, burning normal class. All the teachers were away with their own dogs at competitions. We practiced our butts off and amazed our teacher when she returned. All the dogs could now do all the obstacles off leash and reliably. We ended up being the best class!

Eventually I will post pictures of him running the course.

We start beginners 2 Monday. Beginners classes number up to 5.

I am so glad the heat wave broke! The weather was horrible at work.



About lisatoohey

Hi! My name is Lisa, I'm 21 with a wonderful husband named Matt and an amazing puppy named Jericho. I love to write and someday hope to make writing my professional career.
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