Agility Practice

When A dog runs the weave poles they must always enter on the right side of the first pole, no matter what direction they are coming from! Jericho still likes to ‘pop’ out of the weaves from time to time.ImageThe hoop is always a lot of fun. Teaching your dog to go through instead of under can be a real challenge!ImageI love to watch him jump. Jericho jumps 26 inches, the height a dog jumps is based off how tall they are.ImageThe spread is a long and tall jump, really challenging the dog to know where his behind is!ImageWe used a curved tunnel today in practice, that means Jericho can’t see where he is coming out when he goes in. He has to charge blindly in believing that there is an exit!ImageAfter coming down from the A frame the dog has to pause with two paws on the obstacle and two paws within the yellow area. This is called making a contact. The dog cannot move until you release him.Image 
Agility is kind of like super obedience, the dog must take constant direction from you, they rely strongly on your body language, even something as simple as dropping your arm too soon can mess up the dog. When you get on the same page though it can be almost magical to watch the dog respond to your smallest gesture and rocket around the course perfectly!


About lisatoohey

Hi! My name is Lisa, I'm 21 with a wonderful husband named Matt and an amazing puppy named Jericho. I love to write and someday hope to make writing my professional career.
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One Response to Agility Practice

  1. Lockie says:

    Yay! looks like Jerico is getting the hang of training you LOL 🙂

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